• What is the general make-up of a group ?
    The folks on our adventures are from all walks of life, predominantly gays & lesbians, of all ages, from all over the world. As well as friends, family, and any other open-minded, fun loving, gay friendly person who cares to join us. A friend of a homo is a friend of ours, we require you bring a sense of humor and positive attitude. In general we do not discriminate, unless of course you’re a republican, liberal democrat with a freak flag, or you happen to look funny.
  • Where should I send my deposit & payment?
    Make check or money order payable to MJW Adventures. Mail to MJW Adventures, 50 Victory Road, Boston, MA 02122-2628.
  • What about trip insurance?
    Trip insurance is strongly recommended. There are several companies which offer trip insurance. Be sure to read the terms & conditions of your policy. Travel Guard International is one company you may consider. Our clients have had good experiences with Travel Guard. MJW Adventures is not in any way affiliated with any trip insurance company and will not assume any liability.

Feel free to contact me with additional questions: 857 445-7198 or

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