Grand Canyon Questions
  • When is the next White Water Rafting - Grand Canyon Adventure?
    July 5-14, 2014 Secure Your Spot Today!
  • What are the motor boat/rafts like?
    The boats are specially designed 35-foot S-rigs. Created for maximum efficiency, safety, and comfort. Each boat carries up to 16 passengers and up to two crew members, with plenty of room to move around between rapids. We use 30 horsepower four stroke outboard engines, which are extremely fuel efficient and the quietest motor type on the market. In fact, many clients tell us that they cannot hear the motor running even while sitting on the front of the boat.
  • What can I expect to do in a typical day?
    Well, no day is typical on a tour lead by MJW Adventure’s, Michael Wilson, let along the diversity of the Grand Canyon! But as a general guideline, we wake early, have breakfast, load the boats and leave camp before 8:30 am. From there we may run a few or several rapids and then stop for a side hike up to a beautiful waterfall or Indian ruins. Then we have a beach side lunch and relax for awhile before boarding the boats for more exhilarating white water. We may stop for another short hike if time permits, or we may head to camp. Arriving in camp between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, we then unload the boat, and you are free to set up your camp, take a swim if you like, and come down to the kitchen to enjoy some hors d'ouvres. Dinner is served around seven, after which there may be entertainment provided by the guides or MJW Adventures and wonderful stargazing. Always expect the unexpected and bring lots of film. Then, it's off to bed so that you can be well-rested to do it all over again tomorrow!
  • What are the rowing boats like?
    Please MARY I am not rowing no boat through no canyon! Our boat has a motor and a cute guide. All we do is sit in the back and hum Donna Summer tunes, except when we are running a gigantic, rapid, then we hold on for dear life and scream like big girls.
  • What is the weather like?
    In general, July offers warm/hot days and warm nights. Average temperatures range from the mid-80s to 110 degrees during the day, you should be prepared to look extremely fashionable at all times, so pack accordingly. Rain is not uncommon in the late summer months, but no matter when you go a good rain suit is a must, not only for rain, but also for protection from the cold water splashes you get while riding the rapids (especially early in the morning). Water temperatures average about 53 degrees year round.
  • What is the best time of year to go?
    The dates of July 5– 14, where strategically selected by MJW Adventures , truth be told anytime during May – September is good. However, we will encounter a new moon which will enhance the stargazing and allow us to sleep. A full moon in the Canyon comes up at 3 am and is brighter then the sun. In recent years the water levels have been a little higher in July and August, providing a slightly more thrilling ride. The water levels do remain fairly constant all summer, since the water releases are dam controlled. So the traditional spring 'high water' that you may see on other rivers does not apply to the Grand Canyon.
  • What gear should I bring?
    Your trip confirmation packet will have a detailed list of what to and what NOT to bring. Quick drying shorts, swimsuits, and t-shirts, and good pair of Teva’s are the basics. A lightweight fleece for colder months, and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt and long pants are good idea any time of the year. You should prepare for all types of weather. A rain suit is essential at any time of year.
  • What about special dietary requirements?
    If you have special dietary requirements we will do our best to accommodate them. Please keep in mind that we do have limitations of space and refrigeration aboard the rafts. For this reason we cannot always meet the needs of everyone. Please indicate any dietary requirements on you registration form. Or call us at 857 445 7198 to discuss any special concerns.
  • I don't know how to swim, can I still go?
    Of course! We issue Type V U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests to each passenger. These jackets have maximum floatation and you are required to wear them at all times while you are on the raft. Hatch River guides are also trained in swift water rescue and will give you a full safety orientation that includes what to do in case you fall out of the raft.
  • I have never camped out before, what should I expect?
    Expect to be well taken care of. Each year we introduce several high-maintenance queens to joys of "roughing it", although our camping experience is anything but rough! The guides will help you through every step, from showing you how to set up a tent to encouraging you to sleep beneath the stars. They stand ready to answer your questions and lend a hand.
  • Do you have any age restrictions?
    We prefer you to be at least twenty-one years of age but you may act as young as you feel. There is no upper age limit, seniors go on the motorized expeditions every year. No matter what your age, bring a sense of humor and positive attitude and you will be fine!
  • What is included in the trip price?
    Your 1st night hotel in as Las Vegas, transportation to the starting point in Marble Canyon/Lees Ferry. All meals, snacks, and an insulated mug, a carabineer for clipping your day gear to the raft, life jackets, and tents, while on the river. There is plenty of ice cold water and lemonade on the rafts. Additionally, a scenic helicopter ride out of the canyon to 10-bar ranch, as well as air transportation back to hotel in Las Vegas. Morning activities at Bar-10 ranch on out last day. You are responsible for transportation form your home to Las Vegas, where this adventure will begin on July 5 and end on July 14, 2014.
  • What is not included in the trip price?
    Soda, beer, wine or liquor. Gratuities for the river guide. A $12.00 per person National Park Service entrance fee. An optional $1 per day donation to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund will be on your invoice as well. The Grand Canyon Conservation Fund is a group that provides grants to non-profit organizations that help protect the canyon, provide environmental education, and further the access of physically and emotionally challenged river trip participants. Also, trip insurance is recommended but not included. We can help you obtain insurance if you would like.
  • What about gratuities for my guides?
    The guides work very hard to make sure that you have a safe and utterly enjoyable experience. They greatly appreciate when their efforts are recognized and rewarded with a gratuity. A suggested minimum guideline is 10 percent of your trip cost. (Bring a min of $275 USD check or cash to give directly to the guide end of the trip)

Feel free to contact me with additional questions: 857 445-7198 or